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Thousands of volunteers all over Australia sacrifice their time in order to help and serve our communities as part of our emergency services. Members of the Country Fire Authority, State Emergency Services, Coast Guard and other volunteering services all put their own safety at risk in order to provide critical aid to their communities at times of need.

Resources for these local heroes are typically scarce, where the communication between team members can easily suffer because of inadequate supplies.

Our digital solution, ‘Broadcast Alert Response Technology’ (BART) has been developed to take the stress out of resourcing for volunteers and the load off the existing pager network by taking advantage of a range of current devices and technologies. The result is a multi-device (smartphone, tablet and desktop) solution that provides the vital link for all volunteers to important data sources and communication streams.

The BART system is made up of two main components;

  • Mapping and GIS
  • Resourcing and Communication

Emerg has worked closely with various members of the CFA and SES to develop a solution that reduces response times, improves communication streams, relieves the pager network and provides a range of data to assist and protect volunteers throughout each of the various emergency services.

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