BART - New System Management

by Tim Miller

BART ‘Live Feed’ has had an extreme makeover!

It’s now called the BART ‘System Management’ platform and has great new features that many of you have been waiting for. Apart from the updated user interface, you now have more control than ever with the new range of user options.

BART system Management for CFA, SES, Firefighters, Community Safety

  • Join multiple groups (see messages, chat and availability for both groups)

  • Invite members to your group

  • Individual notification settings for each capcode

To access ‘System Management’, simply follow the link below or jump onto the bart website and click ‘BART login’.

There will be a brand new user guide available tomorrow for those who need a hand with using all the new system features, and there is a new version of the app coming out later this week.

Make sure you keep checking back here for details!

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