Royal Children’s Hospital gets Onboard with CooWee

Royal Children's Hospital using the CooWee global communications emergency management system

by Tim Miller

CooWee is a global communications system that links teams together regardless of location or technology.

The system has been developed for organisations, emergency services, government agencies, business and institutions to assist in both day-to-day safety operations and full-scale emergency procedures.

Recently CooWee has been adopted by the Royal Children’s Hospital, who has integrated the system into their emergency management and incident response procedures.

CooWee was initially introduced through the hospital’s emergency simulation trials, where it was instantly recognised as a valuable resource for management and staff alike.

Typically during times of crisis, issues occur as a result of poor communication and blockages in the exchange of critical data. By allowing communication to be streamlined between multiple platforms, the same message can be conveyed from a single reference point through to a mixture of people, technology and locations.

Staff at the Royal Children’s Hospital quickly became comfortable with using the CooWee system with minimal training. By utilising familiar technology and an intuitive interface, CooWee was swiftly embraced for both emergencies and day-to-day use.

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