Introducing CooWee to the Mining Industry

CooWee - Global Communication, coordination & personal safety system for the Industrial sector and mining industry

by Mandy Parry-Jones


Remote locations, dangerous environments and hazardous equipment – these are all inherent in the mining industry whether it’s above or below ground mining, open cut or coal seam.

For the industry communication is difficult enough in everyday situations but even more arduous in emergency situations. This is why Emerg Technologies, an Australian technology developer, is launching a new product to service the mining industry at IMARC.

CooWee is much more than a software app; it is a communication tool for managing teams and responding to incidents. The system takes advantage of the best and latest in technology to unite people, regardless of location or their access to equipment.

With a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer CooWee can connect people for everyday tasks or in emergency situations. A range of features streamlines communication between multiple platforms and devices, enabling instant, accurate and effortless responses.


CooWee is not just for emergency responses; it’s equally useful as a day-to-day tool. The added benefit is that users will be so familiar with its operation that if there is an emergency they will respond without hesitation.

In everyday situations CooWee can be employed to develop rosters and quickly identify available resources such as people on standby. Users simply login to their phone or tablet and then they can set their availability, other team members can see it on a members’ roster.

CooWee can also be used to message groups, teams or individuals and they can respond easily using a pre-defined comment, an automated response or by typing or using a voice-to-text technique. If they don’t want to be disturbed by a message they can opt out.


A message can contain a host of information including a list of people who have been notified and their responses, a message location or a response location map, video, audio and photos.

Imagine how useful it is in an emergency situation to pinpoint the exact location of the incident and be able to distribute a map to everyone who needs it.

An inbuilt ‘Action Centre’ also offers a selection of single activation buttons and an emergency personal safety button.

These activation buttons can be determined by the organization and its needs or procedures. The emergency personal safety button is a quick, simple one-touch alarm that identifies the person and his location.


CooWee provides a way for people to connect through user-defined groups and to share information pertinent to their organisation in real time.

The system has an inbuilt structure for archiving records and reporting, and this is available for all events whether they are major, minor or a routine event.

Emerg Technologies is launching this product for the mining industry at the International Mining & Resource Conference and Exhibition on September 22-26 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

The company has stand H15 at IMARC, where more information and demonstrations are available.

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