IMARC Success

CooWee Global Communication System for mining industry personal safety

by Catherine Randall

What a Week!

We’ve had an amazing time at IMARC this week!

Thank you to everyone that took the time to visit our space, it was very encouraging to see how much interest our products attracted.

During our time at the Exhibition Centre we met some great people and hope to continue to build on a number of those relationships.

Congratulations also goes out to Steven from Orogenic Exploration, who was lucky enough to win the Vintage Moet & Chandon in our business card competition.

10th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards

Last night we attended the 10th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards. Unfortunately BART wasn’t embraced by the judging panel this year, however nothing could surpass the value we place in all the positive feedback and loyalty from the 8,000 members of the SES and CFA using the system.

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