BART provides more community resilience for first responder volunteers

Warracknabeal BART information session

by Catherine Randall

We’ve just launched our latest BART update for Apple and Android with our friends in the Warracknabeal region. The new features and enhancements have taken the BART system far beyond its origins as a complementary, value add or backup message provider to the pager network.

Our highlight feature is the ability to create and manage teams straight from the BART app, where volunteers can allocate members, messages or requests to a team. Team members can share communications, locations and images to make strategic decisions specific to their situation.
BART members can also look forward to:

- Enhanced rostering for the full year (set availability in 1 hour blocks for any future date with a simple finger swipe)
- Sharing strategic images and your location
- Set the ‘List View’ as your home page
- Enhanced discussions (chat) for Groups and Teams
- Filtering of qualifications in the establishment of teams
- Improved performance

Make sure you update the app on your mobile device to enjoy these great new features to help your community, and don’t forget to tell your mates that BART is here to stay.
BART is all about providing first responder volunteers with the best possible solution which they so rightly deserve.

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