BART has over 15,000 members

How many users does BART have? Over 15,000

Wow. Our 15,000th BART member has just been registered!

It has been quite a journey from where the BART system started out to where it is today. Thank you to everyone who has participated in giving us feedback and direction over the years, which has allowed us to develop this app for your needs as emergency services personnel.

Special thanks go out to the Lilydale CFA, whose brigade was the first to start using BART around 2007 with Mitch Oak as the champion.

Two other leading brigades who have helped us grow BART to where it is today include Torquay CFA with Kevin Keegan, and Hurstbridge CFA with Andy Knight.

There were also many other champions along the way, of which we are indebted to.

With your ongoing loyalty we will continue to refine and enhance BART, creating the communication resource you need to help protect your community.

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